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Unfortunatley GetOK is not currently available for Windows phones.

GetOK is available in the following countries

Main Country: Sweden

Other Countries: Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, United Kingdom

GetOK Help Files

GetOK User Manual 32bit Installer

GetOK User Manual 64bit Installer

GetOK Online User Manual

GetOK App Fees

The GetOK application for Android and iOS has 3 pricing structures. The initial version is FREE on Android and iOS.

Please Note: There is no expiry date on any of our plans, all credit will remain until it is consumed. The FREE plan is provided as standard, this plan can only be used once.

S-Pack Plan


M-Pack Plan


L-Pack Plan



  • 10 Contracts over Pseudonym
  • 1 SMS Request
  • 5 in-app Contacts
  • Cost per contract: CHF 0.25


  • 100 Contracts over Pseudonym
  • 10 SMS Requests
  • 50 in-app Contacts
  • Cost per contract: CHF 0.14


  • 200 Contracts over Pseudonym
  • 50 SMS Requests
  • Unlimited in-app Contacts
  • Cost per contract: CHF 0.08

GetOK App Preview Screens

About GetOK

GetOK Technology

The GetOK App for Android and iOS utilises the core technology of the Barracuda Blockchain. The Barracuda blockchain technology provided by Digital Ledger Systems AG ensures 100% immutable data within the GetOK App. It ensures that even if a user deletes their account the relevant data is kept in an encrypted status and is not removed from the contact history of the other participant.

No third party can read or view the data within GetOK. Users have the option to keep their profile anonymous or share relevant data with the other person on individual basis. GetOK allows users to create small smart contracts between two people with a few simple clicks.

GetOK is designed to be simple and user friendly.

Important Information:

  1. GetOK was launched in October 2018. During October and November 2018 the Barracuda Blockchain will not be connected.
  2. As of mid/end December 2018 the Barracuda Blockchain will be connected with the GetOK App and all requests will be inserted into the Barracuda Blockchain.
  3. The costs of smart contract requests between two people will remain the same. Packages can be purchased directly in the relevant app-stores.
  4. All purchased credit will remain until it is consumed. Purchased credit does not have an expiry.

Why GetOK

We aim to keep simple personal contracts fun but at the same time increase the level of safety and security for both parties.

Account Credits

After purchasing a plan in the app-store your GetOK account will be updated to reflect the relevant package that has been purchased. Your account will be credited with tokens which can be seen within the Account settings of the GetOK App. Once the tokens are used up you need to purchase a new plan to use the app further. Without credit you cannot send any new requests. Each request consumes 1 credit from your available balance within the GetOK App.

GetOK Token 

This is the name of the token within Barracuda for GetOK. The GetOK token cannot be used as a financial reward nor can it be used for trading. This token is purely used for the insertion of data within the Barracuda Blockchain in relation to GetOK. This token cannot be mined (PoW) nor can it be used for staking (PoS).

This process will run transparently to ensure a simple and smooth usage experience for the user.

The GetOK tokens are not public tokens and function only on the Barracuda Blockchain system which operates from a swiss data centre that fully complies with ISO standards and is FINMA approved.

GDPR Ready

GetOK is GDPR ready (General Data Protection Regulation). With GetOK the user stays in control of his/her data.

GetOK Fees

The fees for the GetOK usage are partially used for the following:

  • Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Service
  • Support

GetOK Roadmap

It is planned to develop GetOK further. The following roadmap is a guideline of what is to come.

Q4 2018       - Activation of GetOK to enter data in to the Barracuda Blockchain. 

Q1/Q2 2019 - New languages will be added, during launch only English is supported. New languages are as follows; Swedish & German.

Q3/Q4 2019 - New functionality whereby an option is provided to send personal messaging over GetOK with end to end encryption.

Q1 2020       - GetOK Desktop Application for Windows and MAC.

GetOK Team

The Digital Ledger Systems AG Team responsible for GetOK
Peter Lamprecht
Peter LamprechtCEO & Founder
Kuno Bürge
Kuno BürgeCEO & Founder
Frank Eckardt
Frank EckardtCTO & CTIO
Christian Dinten
Christian DintenCDO
Natalia Bürge
Natalia BürgeCFO
Roland Holmlund
Roland HolmlundDeveloper & Designer
Sascha Niederer
Sascha NiedererPackage Manager
Ashley Blaik
Ashley BlaikProof Reader
Caroline Fauche-Ortiz
Caroline Fauche-OrtizLead Graphic Designer

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